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Browse our curated collection of antique artifacts; regional costumes and ethnic adornments; upcycled and vintage fashion; and unique bespoke accessories for home and garden - all designed to enhance your lifestyle.

Traveling the Silk Road

A curated collection of Asian and Islamic objects, regional costumes and jewelry from the many cultures that are Asia.

  • The Many Shades of Fuchsia

  • Singkiang's Essentials for a Properly Dressed Bed

  • Breakfast in bed with Palace Intrigue

The Many Shades of Fuchsia

Singkiang's Essentials for a Properly Dressed Bed

Breakfast in bed with Palace Intrigue

The Colors and Patterns of Central Asia are Easy on the eyes....

Custom Interior Design and selection of soft goods for your nest...

Colors of the indus

Desert embroideries and sunset colors in the clothing and objects of the Indus Valley regions. India and Pakistan are home to some of the most beautiful clothing and textiles in the world. Celebrate the arts of this region. My life in India and travel into these areas were a major influence on my fashion and interior design tastes.

Enameled Silver Headdress from Himachal Pradesh

Souks of Plenty

Regional costume, ornaments and objects of art from the rich cultures of the desert diaspora.

Color your life ...

Festive Body wraps

More than one does the trick..

Beaded Strap Colorful Necklace - Singkiang
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through the looking glass

Curated collections of antique oddities, taxidermy, ethnographica, antique adornments for body and home, and bespoke creations including dioramas and domed treasures.

Cabinet of Curiosities

A collection of antiques and vintage objects from Singkiang's inventory.

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Objects of Piety

A curated group of religious statuary and adornments.

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Singkiang - Secret Societies

Secret Societies

Where those who have private knowledge meet and keep their stories, histories and rituals preserved.

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Singkiang - Follow us into the afterlife

Memento Mori

Offering a selection of Victorian mourning jewelry, and reimagined vintage bijoux.

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Nihil Sub Sole Novum

Nihil Sub Sole Novum is the story of how fashion trends from different historical periods have influenced and informed my design and my lifestyle over the years.

The story begins with the Mad Hatter, creating in her workshop, receiving the Divine Inspiration (Divinus Afflatus) to host a tea party.

Each of the characters invited to the party represents a period or style that has influenced my own design aesthetic.

The videos housed herein show each character being invited to tea, and his or her preparations for the party, introducing the character's product line available in the shop.

Nihil Sub Sole Novum: there is nothing new under the sun. Fashion trends repeat, echoing over time. The most compelling styles are timeless.

video: See the Mad Hatter's Inspiration - it begins...

Welcome to the Garden of Curiosities!

Gardening and Garden Design, floral and tabletop styling have always been an important part of my interests as a designer, collector, and dealer.

A variety of curated items and upcycled whimsies created in our Atelier Carpe Diem workshop as well as original vintage and antique items. Come back often as I continue adding to this section ...
you never know what you'll find!